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Illustrating web3 assets for the Serial Marketer's community 

Premium Member NFT 

Serial Marketers is a community that brings together thousands of global marketers with the mission to 'Learn, Try, Share. 


The organization is founded by David Berkowitz, author of Berky's Marketing English, he has spoken at 350 events worldwide and has penned more than 1,000 bylines for marketing and business trades.


By holding Serial Marketers coins, you support the development of this 2,500-member global community.

The premium NFT coin was created as a limited collectable in January 2022 and has been distributed to top contributing members of the Serial Marketers community. 

Learn more at:

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  • LinkedIn
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Valentine's Day NFT Set

This set of imagery was created for Valentine's Day to recognize the marketing efforts needed for holiday promotions.

Many professional marketer's need

'help finding marketing help'. As a community, Serial Marketer's recognizes the need to be here for each other. While most holidays are centered around giving to the customer, these NFTs were created to celebrate the marketing professionals.


$CMO token was inspired by the original Serial Marketer's logo with the inner, outer circle, and curved lines ending in dots. The M stands at the intersection of the and center of an abstracted rectangle that can either be interpreted as a tower rising up or the road ahead.

It maintains its full visual integrity on a standard iPhone icon size of 120 pixels by120 pixels.

Token Design

Original Concept

Original SM Logo

As a group for marketer's who want to be competitive in the space, Serial Marketers' shares resources to help professionals learn, grow and thrive. Working with Zachary Rozga on the $CMO advisory board and David Berkowitz, we put together an offer to help marketer's explore new opportunities with NFTs.

NFT Case Study Sheet

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