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Designing logo that captures the essence of authenticity, power and performance. 

Jessie Vilkofsky is a Collegiate Soccer Coach | Adjunct Professor | Sport Influencer | Women's Advocate and founder of Jolt Vitality. ​

The Message:

Designing holistic mentorship programs to empower and elevate the human potential of female student-athletes. 

When met with extraordinary, we meet moments that bring us to live in our authentic potential. 

Jolt Vitality, values honesty, authenticity, commitment and sustainability to develop and inspire the mentorship that empowers the authentic self.



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The vision

The logo should be bold and powerful looking while upholding a simple, modern, sharp, and unique form. It should capture the essence of enlightenment and empowerment as Jolt Vitality strives in being a positive influence and role model for the lives of female student-athletes. Authenticity is power. Live it.

Authentic Optimization | Athletic & Fitness Training | Mindshift Power | Set Goals - Push Limits - Be Alive

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