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Illustrating a NFT set of trees with different drinks.

Each tree character has a unique personality through outfits, drinks, and accessories to connect with the audience and the mission of planting trees in real life.



Dan Zima

Strategy and Operations

Miriam Reza

Creative Director & Artist

Raymond McCarthy

Community Lead

Zach Cook

Front-End & Blockchain Dev

Zach Comm

NFT Advisor

Scott Grant


Piper Williams

Security & Backend Dev

Bryan Totty

Discord Manager


The original drawing on the left was inspired by the founder of Upstream who is well known for regularly wearing Hawaiian shirts at a networking event. He was giving a speech sitting in front of a palm tree during Art Basel November 2021.

Drag the green circle left and right to reveal the full original sketch to the digitized drawing. 


What started as a napkin sketch at a networking event evolved into 10,000 unique NFTs.

Celebrating reforestation and the distinct art style of the tree characters is at the core of the community.

Drinking Trees is an NFT project partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees in essential ecosystems in need of reforestation. 10% of all proceeds go to planting trees with the One Tree Planted charity group.


NFT holders will gain access to the Drinking Trees’ metaverse forest community.

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