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The inspiration of this piece came from Fisher Price's 80's toy 'Little Snoopy', a dog on wheels pull toy. In creating a relevant product that matched today's society, the infamous doge meme was utilized in place of a dog. As 'Little Snoopy' has large chunky wheels, this led to the use of donut wheels.

As the concept Donadoge was born, the challenge was to figure out how to design the toy to be memorable and meme-able.

This piece is a one of a kind, hand painted, only physical toy in existence created in April 2022

Bought a 'Little Snoopy' toy to reference the proportions and shape of the product. This helped in being able to model components in Fusion 360 in order to be 3D printed. For the pieces that needed to be split in order to be printed, a combination of epoxy and gorilla glue was used to secure pieces together. The wheels on the toy are functional and do spin.

The donadoge was carefully hand painted with acrylic paint and coated with a layer of varnish to give it a shine.


Unique, only one in existence, hand painted, hand crafted, functional wheel rolling, shiny glazed donadoge!

100% sugary-sweet doge - a - licious guaranteed!

Designing a physical 3D NFT collectable doge on donut wheels.


This toy was created to be appreciated by crypto enthusiasts and those who are new to the web3 space. 


The concept of the Donadoge presents a new utility for NFTs.


Minted Solana and listed for purchase on Holaplex, ownership of the original Donadoge sketch would allow the wallet owner to claim the rights to the physical toy version.


Fisher Price Toy Inspiration

Original Donadoge Sketch

3D Toy Doge

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