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Illustrating a 3 piece holiday NFT collection that capture's the brand's essence


Des Femmes Snow Globes Holiday Collection celebrates women who are passionately pushing the boundaries and blurring the traditional lines between money and technology.


This project was their first NFT collection launched for Christmas 2021. Proceeds of the sale were allocated to creating educational materials for women in web3. 

The Message of this piece:

Honoring women in tech, feminine power, and equity through crypto.

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Crypto Kitties

This image is to honor a female whale in the crypto space, and features her beloved cat, Lance. In celebrating the limitless opportunities of the web3 space, the piece features a cosmic background a fractal patten in the base and a fractal representation through snowflakes.

This image is to honor a female whale in the crypto space, and is inspired by Indian fabric and tile patterns with warm inviting colors. A mandala pattern radiates from the globe and different patterns are dotted on the presents. 



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